New ecole fula flute home in Kobaya

Greetings dear Friends of l’ecole fula flute

Greetings Dear Friends 45

At the end of last year, we conducted our annual fundraising campaign and we were heartened that, despite the challenging times we are all living through, you responded generously giving us the means and spirit to continue fighting. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

However, since then, some upheaval ensued as we had to move to another location because our landlord was rescinding access to parts of the facility and demanding an unreasonable rent increase with a large advance. 

Conakry is a libertarian paradise—I would urge anyone flirting with that philosophy to visit the place—where there are no regulations or tenant protections, and coupled with a housing shortage, it is difficult and onerous to find a home, one being subjected to all sorts of crooked schemes and having to pay up to years of rent in advance.

But, I am happy to report that thanks to the efforts and savvy of our Directors Momo Sylla and Véronique Lamah, we have moved a bit further out of town to new and better home in Kobaya. The place is larger, cleaner, cheaper and offers possibilities such as having more than one class at the same time which was impossible in our smaller house (see photos below).

While we effected the transition, we suspended our activities which are resuming this week with a full complement of classes. I commend our personnel and students for the hard work they accomplished in dismantling the previous installation and setting up the new one.

Once we are settled in the new facility, we are looking forward to presenting online live concerts, so please stay tuned.

This move is putting a financial strain on us and has stretched our budget passed the breaking point so, if you can, please help.

We are entirely dependent on your love and support, everything and anything you do is deeply appreciated. We are the plant, Guinea is the soil and, you are the water.

Sylvain Leroux