Video «Do Yara Ke» from the album «TYABALA»

We have this little school in Guinea,

l’école fula flute, that I got involved with and something beyond me happened, the kids profoundly responded to the flute, like if we plugged into a high-tension socket! Then, you donated and made it all possible.

We have reached a wonderful place, fostering a new generation of flutists and musicians in Guinea, and there is another wave coming right behind and the teachers and staff are deeply committed. The only thing needed is your love in the form of material support.

We must all give. Money is like water, it must to go around, when it stagnates it becomes foul. The question is what do you want your money to realize in the world?

What I say is: something beautiful!

We live in cynical times and the antidote is beauty for its own sake.

The amount you give is not important, whatever you are moved to give is what will sustain us.

Thank you very much.

Sylvain Leroux


November 26 event


Donations are tax-deductible in the US. This project is sponsored by the non-profit organization Hibiscus.

If you prefer, you may send a paper check, please make it to the order of "Hibiscus", write "for ecole fula flute" on the memo line and send it to:

601 East 11th Street, #3B
New York, NY 10009

Hibiscus will deduct 5% for administrative fees.