Reviewed 2007-04-18

Hip, funky African jazz featuring Diabate’s soaring vocals. Great guitar, plus flute, bass, sax, keyboard, and yummy, yummy percussion. Very well played, lively, polished, and lots of fun. You can play any track.

*1. Upbeat African jazz w/a highlife feeling. 3:46
*2. Lightly funky, mid/up. Driving, great flute/guitar breaks. 7:04
*3. A happy Caribbean flavor to this deliciously bright track. 4:27
4. Mid blend of guitar/flute/vox. Sax adds extra jazzy goodness. 6:40
*5. Mid/upbeat Afro funk/jazz w/ wicked jazz flute/piano work. 5:38
6. Midtempo & slightly lazy Caribbean feel & a light funk sound. 7:14
7. 11-minute epic. Down/midtempo w/cool vox & a modern sound.



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