"... in its first two weeks as a "new release" at WEFT, your CD has ranked #1 and #5 on our world music top ten chart. You can't do much better than that! :-)..."
— John Wason
WEFT World Music genre director

"Yes!! What a delightful album! I’m adding it to Heavy rotation this week; I’ll chart it for CMJ next week Tuesday. What a groovy disc!! ..."
— Barbie-Danielle DeCarlo
Music Director
Global-Reggae-Pop-RPM-Hip Hop

"I have indeed received the CD at the station and REALLY love it (I'm looking at it right now)! I'm going to give it some more attention today. Check out my playlists-and the Programmer ahead of me, Genevieve-Wed.,"Route 66" at, and you'll see. Thanks,and,keep 'em coming............. "
Carl Hunt

"I love this CD whose multi-cultural reference points converge to form a World Jazz that is perfect for my radio show "Jazz Without Borders."I was particularly delighted by the funkiness and sensuality of 'Caravane' whose electricity surprised me. My program's time slot is midnight Saturday night to 3 am Sunday morning and that track's groove is perfect for that shifting time of day/night/morning."
— Mitchell Feldman
MFA - Jazz Publicity & Radio Promotion
DJ - "Jazz Without Borders

What an interesting album!
— "Columbia Gypsy"
Judith Gennett
Radio DJ KPSU Portland

Thanks for sending "Tonight's African Jazz Band." Very cool CD.
Terry O'
Diaspora WORT-FM
Madison, WI

Most of the music on tonight's show comes from ... I am playing a number of tracks from a group of musicians out of New York calling themselves Source who have a release entitled Tonight's African Jazz Band. (thanks Sylvain for sending this disc).
There are many sounds on this recording which are pleasing on the ears, and for me this is one of the finer releases and finds for 2006. Tune in to hear what the group sounds like.
Hans Stoeve
listen online @
Wednesday Nights 1900-2030
Sydney Australia

"I really like this CD! ... I will definitely be featuring it this week and future weeks. Very joyous and creative mix of soukous and West African styles. It has a great improvisational jazz flair but never sacrifices the dance groove. And the vocals are fantastic ... "
— Julia Goldrosen
Africa Kabisa
WMBR 88.1FM Cambridge, MA

"Hello Sylvain, I was really impressed by the Source cd, my main initial concern was the quality of the production and to my delight I was not disappointed, I found most of the songs to have a positive upbeat and danceable vibe and I will be playing it along the Mory Kante, the new Toumani Diabate etc. It's hard to pick a favorite song but I guess I can tell you that my very favorites, considering several factors, would be # 5, #1, #2 and #7, thank you."
DJ Andreas

"The Fulani flute is one of those instruments that has both power and a soft beauty. It's not often heard in the US, but nobody is working harder to change that than Quebecois musical ambassador Sylvain Leroux. Also the driving force behind the wonderful Fula Flute project, Leroux teams up with Malian singer Abdoulaye "Djoss" Diabate on this album, also bringing in flutist Bailo Bah, guitarist Mory Kante, and others. Think Heavy Flute meets Super Rail Band. Or don't think, and just enjoy the fresh tunes, from the sparse "Caravane" to the highly danceable "Bara." Definitely recommended for any Afropop / Afrojazz fan."
Scott Stevens
DJ KAOS, Olympia, WA

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