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Tonight's African Jazz Band
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We all know that you can’t judge a book by its cover, but we do anyway. It would be easy to dismiss this one with its seemingly nondescript title. But inside this jewel box is a little treasure. Source is almost equally balanced between African Music and jazz - with solid improvisation and everything from hard bop to neo-psychedelic fusion on one hand, and highlife, soukous and other African styles and rhythms on the other. Then add disarmingly sweet melodies, contagious grooves, and some different textures the band coaxes from keyboards, guitar and flute. The players are as diverse as the music- the band is led by Montreal based flautist Sylvain Leroux and Malian vocalist Abdoulaye Diabate, who together wrote all but one of the songs, and backed by players from Senegal, Guinea, Israel and America. Maybe you have to be Completelly (sic) Nuts to try this, but the result here is an almost complete success.

—Chris Heim

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