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source 10th Anniversary

10 YEARS of SOURCE w/ Abdoulaye Diabate @ ZINC BAR

Friday, September 6, 2013
Set at 9h30, 11h and 12h30am
Cover $10

82 West 3rd Street
Greenwich Village, NY
(between Thompson and Sullivan Streets)

Abdoulaye Diabate
Bailo Bah
Emi Yabuno
Abdoulaye Alhassane
Mamadou Ba
Sean Dixon
Sylvain Leroux

In September 2003 we cracked a tough nut and Source got a gig at the legendary Zinc Bar! …and what a gig: once a month for 10 years! Every musician in New York wants that gig and we got it.

Why? One may inquire…. Magic!... and depth: We shave Malian griot Abdoulaye Diabate who has rightly been proclaimed "best African singer in America"; we have the one-and-only Fula flute Master Bailo Bah who can paralyze you with a flute-scream; we have everybody's favorite bass player the great Mamadou Ba; we have the delightful, inspired Emi Yabuno on piano and keys; we have the electrifying Songhai guitarist Abdoulaye Alhassane who hails from the Sahara desert; we have veteran drummer Sean Dixon laying it down the way it spozed-2-b; we have musicians who want to be there, the best in the business who enjoy African grooves with improvisations soaring to sublime heights; we have the people of Zinc Bar who hear the best on a daily basis and they love us and our music.

So if you enjoy good African groove and like to listen to musicians who are masters of their craft and experiencing music that was never played before then do yourself a favor and bring your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband(s), friends, colleagues, partners, boss, underlings or whatever and come celebrate with us 10 years of happening music.

Thank you for your continued support.
Sylvain Leroux

PS: Special thanks to the musicians who have contributed to Source through the years, they are:

Abdoulaye Diabate (guitar, congas also)
Gino Sitson
Mai Lingani
Missia Saran Dioubate
Tapani Sissoko

Bailo Bah: Fula flute
Sylvain Leroux: flute, Fula flute, alto sax
Hayes Greenfield: saxophone
James Zollar: trumpet
Charlie Franklin: trumpet

Emi Yabuno
Shai Bachar
Mamiko Watanabe
Frederic Las Fargeas
Jeremy Mage
Andy Algire
Azouhouni Adou

Abdoulaye Alhassane Toure
Petit Conde
Djekorya Mory Kante
Moussa Sissoko
Mamady Kourouma
Martino Atangana
Mamady Kouyate
Sam Dickey

Mamadou Ba
Leo Traversa
Chulo Gatewood
Matt Pavolka
Thierno Camara
Patrice Blanchard
Nick Cudehy
Fred Doumbe
Fasil Wuhib

Sean Dixon
Andy Algire
Robert Bonhomme
Jojo Kuo
Mahanta Faye
Peter Lewis

Sergo Decius
Aboubacar Diabate
Daniel Villeneuve

Yacouba Sissoko: kora
DJ Neva

Many thanks also to all the musicians who sat-in and are too numerous to list.

Special thanks to Alex and Christina, Frederika Krier, David Racanelli, David Ellenbogen, Maryna Lansky, Magali Regis, Sohrab Sadat Ladjevardi, Kourika, Ethan Donaldson, Jamie Ross, Martin Cohen, Erik Gunderson, Jeanny Tsai, Dan Behrman, Nadine McNulty.

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