Jekorya Mory Kante: guitarist"Jekorya" Mory Kanté

Widely considered to be among the very best guitarists to emerge of Guinea in recent years, "Jekorya" Mory Kanté was born to the celebrated griot family that already gave the World Mory Kanté and Manfila Kanté. As many of his relatives, he began as a balafon player and eventually picked up the guitar. He wears his mother's name Jekorya in front of his own to distinguish him from his relatives "Djessou" Mory Kante, also a guitarist, and the other very famous Mory Kante.

In the late eighties, Jekorya Mory moved to Conakry where he began playing traditional weddings and baptisms. He was eventually noticed by Mory Djelli Kouyaté, one of the most popular singers of Conakry, who made him the lead guitarist of his group. He worked with Mory Djelli for many years, eventually arranging and producing an album for him.

From 1998 to 2001, Jekorya Mory lived in Abidjan where he arranged and produced CDs for many famous West African artists such as Fode Kouyaté, Sekouba Fatako, Amadou Barry, Pate Moloko, Binta Lali Sow and Seydou Sow. He toured Africa and Europe and America with several of these artists.

Eventually, he came to New York and participated in SOURCE performances and, most fortunately, to the recording of Tonight's African Jazz Band in 2004. Since then, he returned to Conakry where he is pursuing a fruitful career in arranging and production.

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