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King Samory Toure didn't like his country being invaded by the French. In the 19th century, he fought them all the way, fiercely. They tried to capture him but he kept evading them. One day they finally succeeded. He died when they dropped him into a vat of boiling tar.
Two flutes, kora (Keba), two balafons
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This is a deep, ancient, noble epic song. It is usually performed for high dignitaries, aristocracy and otherwise powerful people and evokes much emotion for Malians in particular.
Two flutes, kora (Yacouba), two balafons
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When you are far from the people that you love… you think of them with fondness. There is a void in your heart… you are nostalgic.
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Piece from Gabu celebrating the King Janke Wali. It is unusual for a Fulani to play this because Janke Wali was an enemy of the Fulanis of the Fouta Djallon who defeated him in battle.
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This piece, also known as "Apollo," was suggested by Famoro. It features the players exchanging solos in a musical caroussel.
Two flutes, two balafons, contrabass
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The Bani River is a great tributary to the Niger and has played an important part in the history of Mali. A legend is that when one dies, one has to cross the river to reach the land of the dead, but at the crossing is a man with a boat who won't let one through unless one goes back and pay all debts.
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Another epic song.
Two flutes, (Bailo)
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(Sylvain Leroux)
This is the one original piece on the album. It is a blend of composition, African feeling and traditional French music; the melody from the song "Isabeau s'y promene" is integrated here. It tells the story of Isabeau, a young maiden taking a walk along her garden where she encounters thirty sailors, the youngest of whom drowns as he tries to find the ring that Isabeau lost in the water.
Flutes (Sylvain), two berimbaus, two balafons, bolon
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In the thirteenth century was born a handicapped prince. His legs were atrophied. One day the sorcerer Soumaworo Kante invaded their land and killed his father, the King. When Soumaworo saw Soundiata, he laughed: "Never this cripple will be able to avenge this murder!" So he let him live. Many years passed. One day when Soundiata was a young man, his mother lamented that she had to do everything, that her son was useless, she was so miserable carrying both their weights on her shoulders. Soundiata said: "Today I will get you the fruits from the great baobab tree." His mother laughed: "How will you do that?" So Soundiata crawled to the baobab, got up on his legs using two iron bars and uprooted the mighty tree. He went to war and delivered the land from the tyrant. He founded the Mandeng Empire, which lasted for centuries and cast its enlightened reign over the people of West Africa, the echoes of which still resonate to this day… in this music in particular.
Two flutes
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