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Label: Engine Catalog Number: e046 Street Date: 06/26/2012
Genre: Jazz, world music

Title: Quatuor Créole
Artist: Sylvain Leroux

Featured Artists:
Sylvain Leroux: tambin (Fula flute), flute, alto sax, khaen, dozon ngoni
Karl Berger: Piano, vibraphone
Sergo Decius: congas, percussions
Matt Pavolka: contrabass

Track Listing:
1. Oxossi
2. Tanganika
3. fantaisie créole
4. Fantancolo
5. le message
6. dans la forêt
7. Notis
8. Monk in paradise
9. MIH
10. Gambalou

Sylvain Leroux’s debut Quatuor Créole is a blend of West Indian music, African music, jazz, and Western conservatory music.  The record is built around the idea that jazz was born in New Orleans largely because of the presence of Creole culture there.  In Louisiana there were white “French Creoles,” mostly French and Spanish who settled there and “Creoles of color” who were free blacks who came from the West Indies.
The idea of fusing these two Creole cultures is reflected in the lineup of this record – French Canadian Leroux and Haitian percussionist Sergo Décius.  Leroux plays flute, tambin (fula flute), alto sax, and dozon ngoni throughout the record.  He is joined on this set by the distinguished pianist and vibes player Karl Berger, who Leroux has played and studied with for over 30 years. Musically this cultural mashup is best exemplified by the tune “fantasie créole” – a slow classical-like first section, segueing into a more rhythmic second section with extended flute and bass solos, going out in a third section that is a musical blend of the first two sections.  Other tunes work a similar territory but with different tempos and different instrumentation. This describes why these players are together, some of what they’re playing, and why listeners must check out this hot mix.

Recommended tracks for airplay
Jazz: Oxossi, Fantancolo, Notis, MIH
World music: Oxossi, Tanganika, Gambalou

Key Markets
Hometowns: New York City, Montréal

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