"Radio NYC - Live at WKCR"

Mamady “Djeliké” Kouyaté, lead guitar
Ismael “Bon Fils” Kouyaté, lead vocal
Oran Etkin, tenor sax, clarinet
Sylvain Leroux, alto sax, flute, tambin (Fula flute), vocal
Mamady Kourouma, guitar
Nicholas “Snek” Cudahy, bass
Andy Algire, drums

Recorded at WKCR studios in New York City, David Ellenbogen, engineer, except “Kémé Bouréma” recorded live a Barbès in Brooklyn. Editing & mastering by Sylvain Leroux. Graphic design by Sylvain Leroux. Photo by Magali Régis.

Songs composed by Mamady Kouyaté, except (*) traditional. All arrangements by Mamady Kouyaté. All songs © & 2009 Mandingo Ambassadors Music (ASCAP). Produced by Mandingo Ambassadors. Special thanks to David Ellenbogen ( and Ayo Osinibi.

Completelly Nuts Records / Mulatta Records



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