"L'arbre de la royauté"

Marie-Denise Douyon was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in 1961. She grew up in Morocco and completed her education in the United States. Student at the New York Fashion Institute of Technology, she graduated with honors. Marie-Denise is an illustrator as well as a graphic artist but her principal love remains painting to which she dedicates a large part of her time. Her favorite themes are characters from African and Caribbean extraction that she immortalizes in their daily destiny, fixed in the moment. Their faces carved as with a knife, shaped by life, imprinted by time simultaneously express suffering and dignity, acceptance and determination, tenderness and arrogance. Her works constitute a vibrant tribute to these men and women, unmovable pillars of societies who, despite the vagaries and difficulties of life, continue to survive with dignity.The choice of bright colors, sense of detail, precision of motifs, highlights the particular talent of the artist who claims many successful exhibitions in North America, Europe, and in Haiti.

Marie-Denise Douyon

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