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Greetings Dear Friends,

Thanks to your generosity, l’école fula flute, in collaboration with the Centre Tyabala de Guinee, is doing well and enriching the lives of many kids in Conakry. 

We further our students' individual and musical development and thus contribute to advance Guinean culture by bringing up a new generation of dedicated flute players thereby infusing a new life in this iconic instrument.

In addition to a basic education, our students receive the instruction of the excellent teachers who have joined our school, namely, Master Mamady Mansaré, the Mansa of the flute, who teaches the repertoire and practice of the traditional tambin; secondly, Master Bouba Mbeng offers discipline in the exuberant art of percussion, and in the more delicate one of the ngoni (the traditional guitar) as well as instruction in singing. In my own regular visits, I teach them traditional and modern tambin-flute, music theory and practice. Our students absorb these teachings with enthusiasm, rising to the challenges on a daily basis as they have a big heart for music.

Unfortunately, there is bad news: We recently lost the use of the industrial hangar in which we were working for many years, the government having re-purposed this beautiful space, so we are in the street. However, the school’s daily activities continue and students and teachers bravely carry on until a solution is found.

We therefore appeal to you, dear and loyal supporters, if our work inspires you, please, help us!!! Our needs are great this year, as we have to find a suitable facility to host our activities for the foreseeable future.

Our long-term goals are the development and validation of a music education method that can be then extended to other institutions. We are advancing slowly, step-by-step, watching our creation come to life and let her show us the way.

Know that your contribution goes far in Guinea and that your donation, small or large, will be used wisely and also note that, thanks to the Creative Music Foundation, your gift will be tax-deductible. We also encourage you to contribute by recommending us to friends and relatives whom you think would find this project interesting. 

Thank you for everything and anything you do!

God bless you and au revoir!
—Sylvain Leroux

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Thank you very much for your interest and support.

Sylvain Leroux

You can also send a check made to the Creative Music Foundation, and specify "for ecole fula flute" in the memo section at:
P.O. Box 671, Woodstock, NY 12498.

This project is sponsored by the Creative Music Foundation.
CMF will use 5% of donations for administrative purposes.